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NCSoft is shutting down City of Heroes as of 30 November 2012. The game, and this group, will be sunsetted. This website will remain for the time being, allowing others to see the incredible characters and friendships made within this epic and wondrous game. Thanks to all who played, and to all from this group. Fair Winds and following seas, heroes (and villains)! - Major Deej

Welcome to the Knights of Arachnos!  This Villain Group (VG) located on the Freedom Server is from the incredibly popular Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) game, City of Heroes (CoH)/City of Villains (CoV) and is 'destined' for infamy!  Beware, heroes! 
#2 "Arachnos" VG on the Freedom Server!!
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It is with overpowering sadness that I will write my final, close out message here.
On November 30th, 2012, NCSoft, the Korean parent company of California's Paragon Studios (the developers of City of Heroes), will be 'sunsetting' this game and shutting it down.
Paragon Studios had already been 'let go' (all 80 American workers) without so much as a warning, and only a skeleton crew is left to aid in the final death-throws of taking the game offline. No one saw this coming. The game was profitable. A new update, Issue 24 was weeks away from going live, and all this so NCSoft could 'restructure' due their incredible short sightedness in managing money or caring about the impact it would have on its employees, the gaming community, or our wondrous City of Heroes community.
I will CONTINUE to play as much as I can until that date, but with me being on travel for work for a majority of that time, spending near 60 hours a week on work alone, my gaming hours are few and far between. I WILL, however, be there the day they shutdown the servers, torch in hand under the Atlas Statue on Virtue Server with my main, Major Deej, along which thousands of others players, protesting yet eulogizing the loss of our game...right to the bitter end.
I cannot begin to tell you how many tears I've cried since the announcement on 31 August. That's right...tears.  I don't cry hardly at all, and if ever,maybe  tear shed here of there.  I cried for DAYS after this announcement.  I have been devastated by this news. The thought of losing several years worth of hard work in making the group what it is, from base building to team building, to friendships (many permanent, long term ones), to bringing heroic and villainous characters to life from when I'd imagined them in my youth...all of that...gone because several executives can't understand how to manage  company or understand the IMPACT this game has on its players.  My wife and children played this game with me, providing unforgettable times that I was able to spend with my family, even if I was away on travel. This is like a rusty sword stabbed into my torso, and wriggled around, making each day more painful than the last...
I've created dozens of websites for my SGs and VGs. I've spent dozens of hours on each character of my 232 characters trying to get the right look, theme, feel and personality as their role in their heroic or villainous world.  I've spent hundreds of hours in base building, trying to learn how to make things look as best I can with the tools provided for a unique feeling for each base, yet a standard in being able to utilize and navigate the bases with little difficulty.
I've spent Christmas Days, New Years Eve Evenings, Fourth of July's, and numerous weekends playing this game and enjoying EVERY minute of it.
I knew this day would come; it is, over eight years old, however...not like this. Not with a 2x4 to our heads and our devs and Studio staff 'let go' without so much as a warning or chance for our game to go out in style over the period of a year...or even shifting the game to maintenance mode, for that matter.  This is one of the saddest days for me ever.
These websites will still be kept alive, and I will be redistributing images to them as I find the time to dig though thousands of my screenshots and repost the good ones here.
I want to thank all our group members for all you've done.  All the badge hunting, prestige earning, events, functions, costume contests,...and friendship.  They've all meant the world to me...and now our world is dying; guess the Mayans were right after all...
Our heroic and villainous adventures may be over here, but they are far from being forgotten...
TO ALL: Fair winds and following seas.



- Lord Arachnid

Lord and Leader of the Knights of Arachnos